The Richards Group - Dallas TX   |   Senior Art Director   |   2009 - Present

The Salvation Army, GameStop, Fiat, Chick-Fil-A, Suddenlink, Charter, MD Anderson, Summers Eve, Central Market, and Wawa.


Ground Zero - Los Angeles CA   |   Art Director   |   2008 - 2009

ESPN, Mercury Auto Insurance, Oberto Beef Jerkey


Y&R - Chicago IL   |   Art Director   |   2008

Sears, Craftsman, Miller, Hilton


ZIG - Chicago IL   |   Art Director Intern   |   2007

Various projects



VCU Brandcenter   |   Richmond, VA   |  2006-2008

Masters Degree in Advertising and Art Direction


Western Michigan University   |   Kalamazoo, MI   |   1995-1998

Bachelor of Science



Art Direction, Creative Direction, Branding, Advertising, Outdoor, Print, TV, Web Design, Digital, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Photography, Illustration

*References available upon request.


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